On January 16th, 1980, Bob Shayne– a Camarillo resident who had moved to California in the 1940’s on a Warner Bros. studio contract who was best known for appearing in The Adventures of Superman with George Reeves and had appeared in numerous Broadway productions– along with a group of like-minded theatre lovers restarted and revitalized the dormant Camarillo Community Theatre. That first season opened with The Impossible Years, followed by three other productions lasting only one week each over the course of the summer. Years later, CCT would expand to staging full seasons at the theatre on Skyway Drive.

In 2011, with a focus on moving forward along with the community it serves, the theatre was re-christened the Camarillo Skyway Playhouse, committing itself to producing material that was thought-provoking and moving, as well as entertaining. CSP continues its efforts to bring the very best of live theatre and local talent to the people of Ventura County, and hopes to do so for many years to come.

Board of Directors

Contact Information & Directions

Cathy Johnson, President

Dean Johnson, Artistic Director

Laura Comstock, General Manager

Todd Tickner, Vice-President

Mark Heulitt, Treasurer

Caleb Heulitt, Secretary


John Comstock

Nikki Dossman

Lauren Moore

Eric R. Umali