Auditions for Five Women Wearing the Same Dress

Feb 2 - Mar 4

Feb 2 – Mar 4

By Alan Ball
Directed by Brian Robert Harris
Produced by Jolyn Johnson

Written by Alan Ball, (creator of TV’s Six Feet Under and True Blood) Five Women Wearing the Same Dress is a comedy about bridesmaids set at the home of the bride in Knoxville, Tennessee during the newly married couple’s ostentatious wedding reception. The five bridesmaids have found refuge in the room of Meredith, the sister of the bride. The women come to realize that despite their differences, they have more in common with each other than any of them do with the bride.

An irreverent and funny look at the intricacies of friendship and the power of similar dressing. “…[a] wonderfully entertaining play…” —NY Post. “FIVE WOMEN WEARING THE SAME DRESS is a fresh-as-a-daisy comedy, funny as can be…” —NY Daily News. “Ball has the comic writer’s requisite talent for dialogue that ricochets snappily around the stage.” —TheaterWeek.


Auditions will take place at Camarillo Skyway Playhouse December 11th at 7 PM, with callbacks on December 12th at 7PM. NO APPOINTMENT NEEDED. All ethnicities encouraged to audition. Walk-ups accepted; if you are unable to come to auditions on the 11th please contact us so we can work something out. Contact Director Brian Robert Harris with questions at or (818) 963-0239.

TRISHA – early 30s, witty, bright, confident, subversive, just the right amount of dangerous, makes being cool look easy, a woman that other women want to be. Beneath the facade of effortlessness, of course, lurks tremendous insecurity, but she is pretty good about not taking it out on others … usually. The bride’s former best friend and partner in crime. Does not really want to be at this wedding.

GEORGEANNE – early 30s, neurotic, unhappy, drinks too much, emotionally impulsive, very “uncool”. The opposite of Trisha in nearly every respect, knows it, has lived with it for almost twenty years, deeply resents it. Trapped in a slowly decaying and miserable marriage to a thoughtless man. The bride’s former close friend and partner in crime with she and Tricia, but always the third wheel. Does not really want to be at this wedding.

MINDY – late 30s, tense but enthusiastic, smart, articulate, endearingly clumsy, ever so slightly more confident and sure of who she is than the others. And who she is today is a gay woman at a Southern wedding her wife was not allowed to attend. She is very hurt by this but is trying to be a good soldier. The groom’s sister. She does not like the bride even a little bit, but again, good soldier. Does not really want to be at this wedding.

MEREDITH – early 20s, rebellious, snide, contemptuously liberal, precocious but pretentious, a little narcissistic in the way that young people can sometimes be, deeply unhappy. Sweet and almost childlike at her core, but having a bad day. Keeping a very dark and sad secret. Laden with unearned and unfair shame. When she is able to relax, very charming and funny. The bride’s sister. Does not really want to be at this wedding.

TRIPP – late 20s, roughly handsome, charming, charismatic, dangerous in the same way Trisha is, but basically a good hearted guy looking for fun. The groom’s cousin. Having a fine time at this wedding, thank you very much.

FRANCES – early 20s, tenderhearted, kind, almost unnaturally naive. A Tennessee Disney princess. A proud evangelical Christian who is quietly and politely horrified by the profane indelicacies blooming out of her fellow bridesmaids’ mouths … but more than a little envious of their freedom too. Cracking ever so slightly under the pressure of being a “good girl.” Smarter than she seems, but ashamed of it. The bride’s cousin. Does not really want to be at this wedding.

Presented with special permission from Dramatist’s Play Service, Inc.

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