Auditions for “Trifles”



Directed by Vicki L. Hoskins
Produced by Jolyn Johnson

Camarillo Skyway Playhouse is excited to announce auditions for an upcoming virtual production of Susan Glaspell’s seminal 1916 One Act play, Trifles to be performed August 8th, 2020.

About the Play:
Based on her short story “A Jury of Her Peers” and her own reporting of a real-life murder case, Glaspell’s Trifles takes place in the rustic kitchen of Mrs. Minnie Foster Wright, a woman accused of murdering her husband. As male authority figures search for a motive, their wives talk about domestic responsibilities (what the men deem “trifles”). Left alone in Mrs. Wright’s kitchen, the women discover details that lead them to piece together the real story of their friend, her marriage, and the murder. Glaspell’s play, an early example of feminist drama, examines what it means to be a woman within a patriarchal society, while also acknowledging the power of female friendship.

About Casting:
All roles are open to actors of all races, ethnicities, genders, abilities, and body types. As the play deals with power imbalances, we will examine the ways in which these inequalities have continued and shifted into today’s contemporary realities. As such, we hope to have a cast that reflects our modern world.

Casting Breakdown:
Mrs. Peters – Female-identifying; 20s-40s. All races, abilities, and body types. A relative newcomer to the town who did not know Minnie Foster before John Wright married her. She is more likely to accept the men’s poor treatment and condescension than Mrs. Hale. She mostly keeps to herself and may be hiding something. Lonely. She is married to the sheriff.

Mrs. Hale – Female-identifying; 30s-50s. All races, abilities, and body types. Longtime resident of the town. Very smart, self-aware, and confident. She is married to the farmer Lewis Hale. She is frustrated by the men’s condescension and is more willing to call out the sexist behavior she sees around her. She knew Minnie Foster before she married Mr. Wright and she regrets neglecting their friendship.

George Henderson – Male-identifying; 20s-40s. All races, abilities, and body types. The county attorney, he has been called to investigate the murder of John Wright and will likely serve as the attorney for the prosecution in the event of a trial. He is professional in manner but is dismissive of the women. He has the charm and confidence of a politician.

Henry Peters – Male-identifying; 30s-50s. All races, abilities, and body types. The local sheriff and husband of Mrs. Peters. He is at John Wright’s house to examine the scene of the crime. Abrupt and caustic, he is dismissive of the women’s concerns.

Lewis Hale – Male-identifying; 30s-60s. All races, abilities, and body types. A neighboring farmer who found Mr. Wright dead and Mrs. Wright acting strangely. Curious and well-meaning, but like the other men, he is dismissive of the women’s thoughts.

Narrator/Voice of Susan Glaspell: Female-identifying; Any age. All races, abilities, and body types. Not written into the original play, this character serves as our narrator and will read important stage directions and provide cultural context for the play. The Voice is confident, smart, sassy, before her time. Looking to cast someone with personality who will make this part their own rather than merely reading stage directions. Lots of room for imagination and creativity.


Details of the Project:
Rehearsals will take place on Zoom. Schedule is flexible and to be determined by cast. No more than 6 rehearsals will be required.
Performance will take place LIVE on Zoom on August 8, 2020. The virtual reading will be livestreamed on YouTube.

Audition Information:
Auditions will take place via Zoom on the following dates:
July 12th, Sunday afternoon, 1PM PST (2 hour block)
July 12th, Sunday evening, 6PM PST (2 hour block)
July 13th, Monday evening, 6PM PST (2 hour block)

Possible callbacks on July 15th (Wednesday), 6PM PST
You will be asked to read short sides from the play, which will be posted on the CSP website. Should you wish to read the entire play, it can be found at Project Gutenberg at:

Auditioners will enter a waiting room at or before their scheduled time and then brought in to the Zoom audition room when the production team is ready. We anticipate auditioning 2 people at a time, but should we need to audition 1 person alone someone from the production team will read with the auditioner. Each pair will likely take about 5-7 minutes. Actors who are auditioning for female-identifying characters should prepare both Side 1 and Side 2. Actors auditioning for male-identifying characters should prepare both Side 2 and Side 3. Actors auditioning for both male- and female-identifying characters should prepare all three sides. Anyone interested in “The Voice” in particular should prepare the female-identifying sides (even if you are only interested in The Voice). Please be prepared to improv during callbacks, as well as ready to read for any of the characters.

Tech Requirements:
You must have a working microphone, webcam, and reliable high-speed internet for the audition, rehearsals, as well as the performance on August 8.

Auditioners can schedule an appointment with the producer at If you have questions about the play or production, please email the director at

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